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Windshields Fuel Efficiency


Fuel efficiency is becoming more and more important to consumers as gas is becoming more and more expensive. As a result, vehicle manufacturers are doing all they can to make their cars more fuel efficient. This includes inventing new windshield technology. For example, a company developed a reflective windshield that rejects about fifty percent of the sun's infrared rays. This keeps the interior of the vehicle colder, which prevents the owner of the vehicle from using the air conditioning as often as he or she normally would. This makes the car more fuel efficient, because the air conditioning system uses the most power for climate control in a car. This is just one example of how companies are advancing windshield technology. As gas becomes scarce and governments pass more regulations concerning the amount of air pollution put out by cars, windshield technology will continue to develop and advance. Auto Glass Center San Diego stays on top of the latest windshield technology, so you can be sure that when we install a new windshield on your automobile, it will not only keep you safe but also might save you some gas money.  

Article written on: 2011-06-06

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