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There are many things that can produce a chip in your automotive glass. More important than how the chip occurred is how you take care of the chip. Since chips are usually small, many people dismiss them and decide to get the chip repaired at a later time. This is a very common mistake. There are a few factors that can cause your automotive glass chip to crack and spread quickly. These factors include extreme temperatures and driving. In cold weather condition, chips are likely to spread horizontally. In contrast, warm weather conditions cause chips to spread vertically. When you are driving around, it is inevitable that you eventually hit a bump or something else that will apply pressure to the chip in your automotive glass. This pressure will cause the chip to crack and spread. If your chip spreads, you will have to replace the entire automotive glass. This costs a lot more than a simple chip repair! So to prevent higher costs and any possible safety hazards, you should contact Auto Glass Center immediately to receive a chip repair service. Chip repair is just another fast and affordable service provided by Auto Glass Center to San Diego and its surrounding neighborhoods. 


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  • Amy J. San Diego, CA My front door window got smashed in during a break-in. Auto Glass Center did a great job replacing it!
  • Shawn G. Poway, CA On my daily commute, a rock flew into my windshield! Auto Glass Center's mobile service was able to replace my windshield later that day.
  • Dorothy I. Chula Vista, CA I was super worried I wouldn't be able to get my windshield replaced, because my car is not very common. But Auto Glass Center found the right windshield for me!
  • Fred E. La Mesa, CA I was using my truck to move furniture when I accidentally broke my own car window! Auto Glass Center gave me the lowest estimate and did a great job!
  • Gunter F, San Diego, CA I received amazing customer service when I contacted Auto Glass Center. And they did an awesome job'!
  • Jenna P. Escondido, CA Some dumb people broke my front door window when breaking into my car. Auto Glass Center San Diego replaced it quickly!
  • Stephen V. Carlsbad, CA After doing a lot of calling around, I found that Auto Glass Center San Diego definitely has the best prices around!
  • Cameron K. Chula Vista, CA Auto Glass Center San Diego fixed the small triangle window on my rear passenger side needed to get replaced after getting smashed in. It took less than half an hour!
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